Easter Egg Cookies


Oh I'm sorry is that the Easter Bandwagon? Hold up! Can someone save a seat for me? Ha! Yes after venting about the sugar junkies in our house over the weekend, now I'm going to push some on you! These little jewel encrusted cookies are an annual tradition in our house, mainly because the speckled eggs are my favourite and I will consume by the handful if not used immediately!

This is also a great way to get the kids involved and can technically be called a 'holiday activity'. Now it won't keep them busy for hours or be mess free, anyone selling that lie should be shot! But maybe Easter isn't the time to be willing violence on someone selling untruths?...


First of all you'll have to get yourself some cookies to decorate and Nigella's Cut-Out Cookie recipe is the best, and I'm not just saying that, they're really yummy! You'll only need basic pantry ingredients and an egg-shaped cookie cutter. Nigella will even give you a recipe for the icing too so click here to get that bit underway. Now if you're pressed for time and need to get this show on the road quick, why not grab a pack of Arrowroot biscuits or any biscuit in the shape of eggs will do the trick.

The Icing Recipe I use is basically 3 tablespoons of icing sugar in each bowl (depending on how many colours you want) and adding a tablespoon of hot water to each and mix! Add the colours (we use pastes which give really bright colours) and get ready to dip! I literally dump the cookie face first in the icing, pull out and leave on the rack for a few minutes before adding the eggs. And you do need to wait otherwise the eggs slide off, oops I'll have to eat that one!


Now your biggest issue is the getting the 'kids' to wait long enough for the icing to harden and  therefore sticking those little eggs on there like superglue, at least until morning tea time! These cookies are so cute and will bring a smile to anyone who lays eyes on them. They're too sweet to resist! They're also so quick to make it'll keep those little bunnies interested too.

Time to put the kettle on!...Happy Easter Everybunny!

If you're looking for colour pastes click here for a great online business I always use for specialty cooking items.


Jesse x