New York Baked Cheesecake, King of the Cakes, A Number One!

 Eat Me!

Eat Me!

This is a love affair that has been going on for some time. Silky, yet firm, sweet biscuit balanced by luscious, creamy cheese filling, scoop by precious scoop. I absolutely and completely covet this cake every time I spy it temptingly on display behind by what seems like 6inch thick protective glass. I will order without question, without doubt of the completeness it will bring me. My Precious, my NewYork Baked Cheesecake. So it came as a wonderful and joyous surprise when Mr Golddust put in an order for one on his birthday. My answer?...Yes, Yes, Yes!

Nigella, bless her, is my 'go to' lady when it comes to cakes and her amazing 'How to be a Domestic Goddess' did not disappoint, apart from the delusion that I am a 'Domestic Goddess'. I've made cheesecakes in the past, but I haven't come across the inclusion of egg whites before and it did add a surprising lightness to the cream cheese.

Which basically means instead of saying no to seconds, you can absolutely push your sleeves up and crack on with another piece. Unless of course like me, you give yourself sleep depriving indigestion by greedily slurping down a cup of tea with it too. I can't help myself! Hello Nexium!

So if you can't hold yourself back when it comes to this King of Cakes, and I'm sure Frank Sinatra would have sung about it too, then click here to find the recipe for this divine dessert. Or if you're a bibliophile like me, you can purchase Nigella's gorgeous book,  full of more tantalising recipes by clicking here

It was surprisingly easy work and incredibly satisfying, and if you're looking for a cake that wows, this is one to try out. Few people can say no to this rich, luscious beauty and even if you manage to crack the cheesy filling like me, it's nothing a punnet of berries and a dusting of icing sugar can't fix. Foolproof, I promise!

And if you were wondering, Mr Golddust loved his birthday cake, as did the mini gourmands who proceeded to knock this cake off in 24 hours!

Is there a cake you can't resist? Let me know in the comments. I won't judge...I promise!


Jesse x