To Sir with love xxx

I always seem to be at a complete loss when it comes to gifts for the kid's teachers, but I vowed to sort it out this year. Teachers do such an amazing job, and I can barely survive one day with my three, let alone 20 of the little blighters 5 days a week! Keeping it simple is really the key here, but sometimes it does pay to try and be a little original. Some gifts will truly stand out from the bandit haul our teachers will drag home this year and why not give them something useful.

1. This is an oldy but a goody, the tea towel! Who doesn't need a tea towel, and there's so many cute and funny ones out there, this one from My Wooden Heart is a favourite. And if you don't like slogans you can always find a great range of christmas themes at Spotlight  or even a set from Country Road.

2. A plant. You can always go for something that's flowering, but why not give the gift that keeps on giving like a Tomato or Strawberry plant or even herbs. They'll be able to pick away to their hearts content all summer. 

3. Recipe in a Jar. I love this idea, maybe because I want to receive one! Put your favourite biscuit or cake recipe ingredients into a jar, include the method and list any perishable ingredients on the tag. Or this one from if you need some inspiration called Abby's Cookies in a Jar. So sweet and so handy to have ready to go in the pantry.

4. Christmas Tins. This is another go-to I've used in the past, filling a gorgeous tin with either chocolates or biscuits for our teacher to enjoy with a well earned cuppa. They can always reuse the tin. These Happy Jackson tins are available at Lark for $5.95. A friend of mine just mentioned the other day she is doing a tin this year with a christmas decoration inside, brilliant! 

So I'm hoping I've shared some helpful tips here for Teachers gifts , but I'd love to hear what you're doing as I'm always looking for new ideas. 

And to all the teachers out there, have a very merry Christmas and a big thank you for looking after our energetic little bunnies all year!

Jesse x