Deck the Halls... um... Doors.

Traditionally the Christmas decorations go up at our place on the first weekend in December... In 2014 that's a significant bummer because this year the first weekend in December falls allllll the way over on the 6th and 7th... Ohhhh I sooooo can't wait that long!!! This year there might be a little breaking of the rules... And seeing that it's the last weekend in November this weekend, I think it's a great time to bring you some fave decoration ideas.

I LOVE a door wreath. SO LOVE THEM! Why should the interior have all the fun with the tinsel and bunting and lights and sparkles and baubles and stockings and bells and pinecones and advent calendars and glitter? (Phew!) We say TAKE IT OUTSIDE PEOPLE! Let the whole world know you take your Christmas decorating seriously. It starts BEFORE you're through the front door (in some instances it starts before you're past the letterbox.. but that's another story...)

Here are my favourite Christmas Wreath selections for 2014.


Gold and Silver Bauble Wreath: KMart $13. Eucalypt Foliage Wreath: Freedom $79.95.
Luxe Berry Wreath: Myer $84.95. Yellow Feather Wreath $54.95


Felt Freckle Wreath: Lark $110. White Felt Leaf Wreath: West Elm $69.00
Vine Rustic Bell Wreath: David Jones $29.95. Felt Christmas Wreath: Hard to Find $59.95.


Vintermys Red Wreath: IKEA $19.99. Dazzling Brights Glitter Wreath: Target $25. Folklore Felt Ball Wreath: Myer $49.99. Twelve Days of Christmas Wreath: Mozi $89.95.

And probably the most genius thing of all... The $3 wreath storage bag from K-Mart. Brilliant.

These Christmas wreaths will have Santa knocking on the front door rather than squeezing down the chimney... - although I'm sure your roof decorations will be just as exciting...

Happy decorating Gold Dusters!

- Kathy x