Aspirational Cooking

I don't know about you, but I've just begun thinking about Christmas Shopping and I always find the minute you think you're done, you're actually only about half way through! Because just when you've crossed the last person off the list you find it's all the little gifts for teachers, kris kringle/secret santa, swim coaches, the postie and the dog that catch you out! Aaaargh!!!! And yes we always give to our postie, because living in the country also means a lot of online shopping and our postie earns every penny he gets. Bless him!

So I'm sharing my pick of the vast array of cookbooks we get to choose from every Christmas, because publishing houses know we can't actually cook, it's like fashion, it's called aspirational cooking!  

Also we collect recipe books in our house that just pose as coffee table books, because we take aspirational cooking very seriously, it's practically a sport. Salivating over beautiful styling and photography is a past time in itself, isn't it? Or is that just us?

 Which one are you wishing for?

Which one are you wishing for?

Movida Solera by Frank Camorra & Richard Cornish, $59.99. Comfort Food by Jamie Oliver, $65.95. Plenty More by Yotom Ottolenghi, $39.95. New Feast: Modern Middle Eastern Vegetarian by Greg Malouf and Lucy Malouf, $49.95. What Katie Ate at the weekend by Katie Quinn Davies, $49.99. Nigella Christmas by Nigella Lawson, $49.99

And though the ease of using the internet is very tempting when flicking aimlessly for 10 minutes looking for that lemon sponge recipe you once saw in that book your mum bought you last Christmas, it just doesn't have that self-satisfying feel when you DO find that recipe and the page is crusty and transparent with old butter grease and dried flour. JOY!

So here's what I'm giving this Christmas to friends and family, and maybe a little sneaky one for me too (that's fair, as I am the primary present buyer!). And I've been blessed with many vegetarian loved ones so they have to keep guessing which one they'll be gifted, I see you peeking! 

All of the books above have been linked to Readings Books, a great little Aussie company if you feel like kicking some goals on your xmas list. Otherwise you might have a fantastic little local bookstore around the corner you can support this Christmas too.

Enjoy and Happy Saturday!

Jess x