Easter Living


After winning the Kindergarten Easter Raffle first prize, we have descended into some kind of chocolate hell where all normal parameters around safe sugar consumption have gone out the window! And it's not even the Big Fluffy One's weekend yet!

So it will come as no surprise that today's Shop Saturday is sugar free, Sarah Wilson would totally approve. Our house is home to three little ladies under 8years so we live in a world of rainbows and unicorns, and our abode is basically an eight room homage to colour. It's wouldn't be a huge step to say Easter colours are our mood board to living, and I love brights!

Today I'm sharing our pick of homewares to bring the the Easter Hunt inside. Cosy comfy beanbags and cushions, and bedding to sleep off the chocolate rush in beautiful candy egg colours. It's what sweet dreams are made of!

Clockwise from top left, Kip&Co beanbag $119 at Larkstore, Home Republic 'Dansk' bedlinen starts from $99 at Adairs, Castle Cushions from $49 at Rachel Castle and Things, Dot Dash cushion $89 at Gorman.

Have a great weekend! Bring on the paracetamol and loads of water...

Jesse x


Shoes of Prey

Oh this is so exciting! I'm a complete nutter when it comes to shoes and this seemed like the perfect Shop Saturday post. Shoes of Prey know how to get a shoe loving girl excited, offering you the opportunity to design your own shoe and have it delivered to your door in around 5 weeks. I think we might have to give this go, what do you say? Check out the video and see if you can resist...

Happy Shop Saturday! And I'll keep you posted on the design process or if you'd like to give it a go yourself, go to www.shoesofprey.com

Jesse x

Hunka Hunka Sparkle-arkle Bangle-angle Luuurve.

IT'S no secret that I'm quite partial to a bangle.
In fact, I'd rather leave the house without makeup than with nude wrists.

This bangle addiction started three decades ago (yowser... that's actually true). I would stack bangles as far up my arms as they would go, thin Madonna bangles, jingly metal ones, leather strappy ones, twisting lace and spiky punky bands as far up my arms as I could get away with... (before cutting off the circulation and losing sensation in my fingers).
One fateful day, the school Principal called me to his office and hinted at the fact that my bangle thing was a bit out of control and it was time for me to remove a few.
Mr. McGregor liked me - and was one of the good guys, (plus I was rather nerdy and he knew my family) so when I ignored his pleas, and just shuffled my jumper down over my bulky wrists each time he was within eyesight, he turned a blind eye.
Onya Mr McGregor. You Sir, are a patron of the chronic accessorisers.

Needless to say, my collection is significant... and I always have an eye out for something new and excellent to jam over my hands. This morning on my pre-getting-out-of-bed Instagram crawl, I fell through the magical rabbit hole and landed on a page I have never seen before... A duo by the name of Sly Pony.

 Oh Sly Pony your sparkly bangles are A-OKAY with us.  (Image from slypony.com )

Oh Sly Pony your sparkly bangles are A-OKAY with us.
(Image from slypony.com)

Meet Melbourne girls, Scarlet and Penny. These talented ladies handcraft stunning fine resin bangles poured with metallic leaf. They sparkle, they shimmer, they go with everything. They are sooooo next on my bangle wish list! They also do super gorgeous rings and pendants.

 Better than a pancake stack.  (image from slypony.com)

Better than a pancake stack.
(image from slypony.com)

Show them a bit of love by following their gorgeous Instagram feed, and buying one (pffft, who can stop at one?!) of their super-ace sparkly bangles.
Well done girls, we love. We love!
Enjoy your Saturday lovelies! Hope it's sparkling wherever you are!

- Kathy x

 Oh happy day when a Sly Pony package arrives on your doorstep! Giddy up!  (image from slypony.com)

Oh happy day when a Sly Pony package arrives on your doorstep! Giddy up!
(image from slypony.com)

To Sir with love xxx

I always seem to be at a complete loss when it comes to gifts for the kid's teachers, but I vowed to sort it out this year. Teachers do such an amazing job, and I can barely survive one day with my three, let alone 20 of the little blighters 5 days a week! Keeping it simple is really the key here, but sometimes it does pay to try and be a little original. Some gifts will truly stand out from the bandit haul our teachers will drag home this year and why not give them something useful.

1. This is an oldy but a goody, the tea towel! Who doesn't need a tea towel, and there's so many cute and funny ones out there, this one from My Wooden Heart is a favourite. And if you don't like slogans you can always find a great range of christmas themes at Spotlight  or even a set from Country Road.

2. A plant. You can always go for something that's flowering, but why not give the gift that keeps on giving like a Tomato or Strawberry plant or even herbs. They'll be able to pick away to their hearts content all summer. 

3. Recipe in a Jar. I love this idea, maybe because I want to receive one! Put your favourite biscuit or cake recipe ingredients into a jar, include the method and list any perishable ingredients on the tag. Or this one from Taste.com.au if you need some inspiration called Abby's Cookies in a Jar. So sweet and so handy to have ready to go in the pantry.

4. Christmas Tins. This is another go-to I've used in the past, filling a gorgeous tin with either chocolates or biscuits for our teacher to enjoy with a well earned cuppa. They can always reuse the tin. These Happy Jackson tins are available at Lark for $5.95. A friend of mine just mentioned the other day she is doing a tin this year with a christmas decoration inside, brilliant! 

So I'm hoping I've shared some helpful tips here for Teachers gifts , but I'd love to hear what you're doing as I'm always looking for new ideas. 

And to all the teachers out there, have a very merry Christmas and a big thank you for looking after our energetic little bunnies all year!

Jesse x

Deck the Halls... um... Doors.

Traditionally the Christmas decorations go up at our place on the first weekend in December... In 2014 that's a significant bummer because this year the first weekend in December falls allllll the way over on the 6th and 7th... Ohhhh I sooooo can't wait that long!!! This year there might be a little breaking of the rules... And seeing that it's the last weekend in November this weekend, I think it's a great time to bring you some fave decoration ideas.

I LOVE a door wreath. SO LOVE THEM! Why should the interior have all the fun with the tinsel and bunting and lights and sparkles and baubles and stockings and bells and pinecones and advent calendars and glitter? (Phew!) We say TAKE IT OUTSIDE PEOPLE! Let the whole world know you take your Christmas decorating seriously. It starts BEFORE you're through the front door (in some instances it starts before you're past the letterbox.. but that's another story...)

Here are my favourite Christmas Wreath selections for 2014.


Gold and Silver Bauble Wreath: KMart $13. Eucalypt Foliage Wreath: Freedom $79.95.
Luxe Berry Wreath: Myer $84.95. Yellow Feather Wreath mychristmas.com.au $54.95


Felt Freckle Wreath: Lark $110. White Felt Leaf Wreath: West Elm $69.00
Vine Rustic Bell Wreath: David Jones $29.95. Felt Christmas Wreath: Hard to Find $59.95.


Vintermys Red Wreath: IKEA $19.99. Dazzling Brights Glitter Wreath: Target $25. Folklore Felt Ball Wreath: Myer $49.99. Twelve Days of Christmas Wreath: Mozi $89.95.

And probably the most genius thing of all... The $3 wreath storage bag from K-Mart. Brilliant.

These Christmas wreaths will have Santa knocking on the front door rather than squeezing down the chimney... - although I'm sure your roof decorations will be just as exciting...

Happy decorating Gold Dusters!

- Kathy x


Aspirational Cooking

I don't know about you, but I've just begun thinking about Christmas Shopping and I always find the minute you think you're done, you're actually only about half way through! Because just when you've crossed the last person off the list you find it's all the little gifts for teachers, kris kringle/secret santa, swim coaches, the postie and the dog that catch you out! Aaaargh!!!! And yes we always give to our postie, because living in the country also means a lot of online shopping and our postie earns every penny he gets. Bless him!

So I'm sharing my pick of the vast array of cookbooks we get to choose from every Christmas, because publishing houses know we can't actually cook, it's like fashion, it's called aspirational cooking!  

Also we collect recipe books in our house that just pose as coffee table books, because we take aspirational cooking very seriously, it's practically a sport. Salivating over beautiful styling and photography is a past time in itself, isn't it? Or is that just us?

 Which one are you wishing for?

Which one are you wishing for?

Movida Solera by Frank Camorra & Richard Cornish, $59.99. Comfort Food by Jamie Oliver, $65.95. Plenty More by Yotom Ottolenghi, $39.95. New Feast: Modern Middle Eastern Vegetarian by Greg Malouf and Lucy Malouf, $49.95. What Katie Ate at the weekend by Katie Quinn Davies, $49.99. Nigella Christmas by Nigella Lawson, $49.99

And though the ease of using the internet is very tempting when flicking aimlessly for 10 minutes looking for that lemon sponge recipe you once saw in that book your mum bought you last Christmas, it just doesn't have that self-satisfying feel when you DO find that recipe and the page is crusty and transparent with old butter grease and dried flour. JOY!

So here's what I'm giving this Christmas to friends and family, and maybe a little sneaky one for me too (that's fair, as I am the primary present buyer!). And I've been blessed with many vegetarian loved ones so they have to keep guessing which one they'll be gifted, I see you peeking! 

All of the books above have been linked to Readings Books, a great little Aussie company if you feel like kicking some goals on your xmas list. Otherwise you might have a fantastic little local bookstore around the corner you can support this Christmas too.

Enjoy and Happy Saturday!

Jess x

What's the colour of a 2 cent piece...?

With a name like Gold Dust Days you bet we love hint of sparkle and a bit of metallic in our daily lives. This week we're window shopping Copper. Oh how rich and deluxe this warm metal looks against a smokey grey, a dark steely blue, and how it sets off a vibrant hot pink. We love it in our homes, we love it on our feet, we love it on our fingers, we love it everywhere!
Oh copper you are so versatile and ace!

Here are a few of our fave copper finds from around the place this week...

 Rachel Castle Darling Heart print.

Rachel Castle Darling Heart print.

I totally love Rachel Castle. She's a super-funny, super-sunny, super-creative Sydney mum and I love ALL. OF. HER. THINGS. Including this super sweet Darling Heart print with metallic copper highlights. This one is #1 of 20 original Darling Heart prints. $190 from Rachel Castle.


 Georg Jensen KOPPEL wall clock.

Georg Jensen KOPPEL wall clock.

Oh hello Georg. You know I love you too. This clock is just 10cm wide. It stands out a chunky 4.4cm from your wall which makes it a fab mini feature piece. It's super cute on a wall in a collection of things... (like the above print for example) $195 from Georg Jensen.

 The Maa Maa Christmas ornament from Dinosaur Designs

The Maa Maa Christmas ornament from Dinosaur Designs

To say I am a little obsessed with Australian brand Dinosaur Designs would be a monumental understatement. So imagine my excitement when I discovered they are doing CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS! This is the Maa Maa Christmas Decoration in Copper Sparkle.
$30 from Dinosaur Designs.

 Hint hint...

Hint hint...

Have you heard about UK brand Loquet?? Oh my goodness. DIVINE!! Design your own bespoke precious lockets full of diamonds, gold and jewels... I designed this one - with my babies' birthstones, a diamond studded heart for my lovely hubby, and a star for me - This is rose gold... but hey, rose gold is a gold/copper alloy, so we're not too far off track with the theme. If you (like me) find yourself a little distracted by shiny sparkly things you can lose HOURS of your life dreaming up the perfect Loquet... Don't say we didn't warn you!

 Cheers lovelies!

Cheers lovelies!

Party season is in full swing (yay!) and we are a bit in love with this shiny copper drink dispenser from Lark. How fab would it be to serve up some elderflower cordial with fresh lemon and fizzy soda from one of these?! Of course, with matchy-matchy copper lidded mason jars and cute straws. Copper Drink Dispenser $190 from Lark.

 Copper-load of THIS! (sorry!)

Copper-load of THIS! (sorry!)

And finally, I just couldn't resist bringing you this final piece of copper love... The 100mm Twist Lock Hi-Top Sneaker in Copper from Buscemi. This men's shoe is metallic leather, with a lock and rear handle. It is hand made in Italy and has gold plated hardware. (Holy wow.) It's a cool $1245(US) direct from Buscemi.

Happy shopping Gold Dusters x

All That Glitters


Glitter Studs Round $25, Martha Jean. Elms+King Bag $79.95, Larkstore. Harriet Sandal $79.95 and Bridle Bracelet $99.95, both Country Road.

The Gold Dust Days team are loving the metallic accessories that are trending at the moment, and being the perennial magpies that we are, couldn't go past some shiny online window shopping.

Every Saturday we'll share our favourite retail finds for you to enjoy at your leisure.  Seeing this is our inaugural post, how could we go past Gold!