Scruffy. In Memorium.

Oh I feel a bit awful about posting this. Our dear Scruffy... Our two-toned, fedora wearing, short haired guinea pig passed away just a few weeks ago. Scruffy had such a fabulous life. She enjoyed under-the-chin rubs more than most cats do... Scruffy would really lean into you as you gave her a rub under her chin. She loved a cuddle.
She was a sweetheart.


Scruffy was funny, and vocal, and friendly, and enjoyed bouncing around popcorning all over the place. She loved parsley and carrots and dandelion leaves. Scruffy has been a much loved (and cuddled) member of our family for two years. She will be dearly missed.

 Scruffy and BFF Fluffy

Scruffy and BFF Fluffy

Dear Scruffy may you rest in peace, in the comfiest, warmest, snuggliest guinea pig bed in the sky. (And may there also be some great new hats for you to try on in guinea pig heaven.)

With much love, and eternal affection from your human family. x x x