Easter Egg Nest Cake


Easter is the best festival for getting your bake on. I love the fact that of all the festivals we celebrate this one is the most low key and really is about time with our families. The added bonus being that most of us can swing four days off which means loads of time for slapping together a cake or three and eating your weight in chocolate!!! What's not to love?

Every year I endeavour to bake something special, last year was about filling tins full of easter egg cookies, you can check them out HERE We even packed them in the suitcase to go to the beach. But this year I've headed back to an old favourite that is always a showstopper for the kids and the grown ups.

Nigella's Easter Egg Nest Cake is chocolate perfection, made mainly with eggs it's light and topped with luscious whipped chocolate cream and decorated with M&M speckled eggs (our favourite) or mini chocolate eggs. My kids thought it would be fun to crumble Cadbury Flake bars around the base to look like a real nest, whatever takes your fancy it's all good!

If you don't believe me, or you're utterly convinced that you must make this now, then click HERE I won't get between you and chocolate nirvana. It is Easter after all, time to bow down at the altar of chocolate.

Have a wonderful Easter Everybunny! (sorry couldn't resist!)

Jess x