Kale Pesto

We love Pesto at our house! My kids can't get enough of this stuff! I have one in particular that will eat the same meal over and over at any time of the day. Seriously some nights I wonder if green twirly whirlies, (pesto spiral pasta) are really giving her what she needs, but she hoovers the lot so who am I to argue. So what if she's starting to resemble Elphaba and has a natural ability to ward off vampires, we love to sing and we weren't keen on Twilight anyway...

So that said, here's a really simple recipe for Kale Pesto, you can use basil for a traditional pesto just leave out the lemon. I was just keen to use all the Kale from my Farm Gate haul last week. 


6 Kale leaves, storks removed (super easy, just close your fist around base and slide down to the end)

85g Pine Nuts or Walnuts, toasted

85g Parmesan grated

3 Garlic Cloves crushed

150ml Olive Oil

Zest & Juice of one Lemon


Love this bit, literally throw all the ingredients into a food processor and whiz until smooth and Voila! Just taste test for seasoning then you're ready to G-O! 

Now it's just up to you and your imagination as to how you want to use it. I love it on Pasta, Bruschetta, hot baby potatoes and even Salmon.  Plus having a jar of pesto in fridge means there's alway a bowl of green twirly whirlies ready to go!


Jess x

If you'd like to see where I picked up my beautiful Kale, click HERE.