Inside Farm Gate

Last weekend we were blessed with stunning weather, you know the kind where you actually feel really guilty if you're not outside basking in nature's glory. So with that in mind a Sunday drive was in order, well it may have been a children's party we were invited to but my conscience was clear regardless.

My reward? Finding this gorgeous Farm Gate Shop at Railway Farm, just outside Trentham. Set up and run by local farmers Allison and Denis Walsh, it was stocked full with their beautiful produce, lovingly displayed and ready to purchase. How could I resist, I'm such a good consumer! Here's what I found....

Bunting, chalk board art, and a packing pallet repurposed into a herb stand, a pinterest dream come true and seriously cute! I even managed a quick chat with Denis and the kids full of cheeky smiles as they filled up the buckets with fresh kale from farm. Completely idyllic!

I love this idea, vintage teaspoons with the Laurel Jam. That one on the left came home with me! So good I've put it on toast, cheese and scones. The kids on the other hand have literally just scooped it out with the aforementioned spoon, so I guess I'm telling you it's pretty good.

So green and so fresh I've made up a huge batch of Kale Pesto for a Pasta dinner, recipe coming next week!

And finally these sweet sweet blackberries didn't even make it home, at least they distracted her from the jam which is still safe for now in the fridge though it's lifespan maybe limited...

So next time you're out Sunday driving and spot one of these, pull over! You just never know what local joys you might find, we've been enjoying our spoils all week! If you're headed our way you can find many roadside stalls full of amazing local produce, this one can be found on the Trentham-Tylden Rd just before the Daylesford turn off.

Have a great weekend!

Jess x