I Heart Eurovision

Hello... It's Australia calling!
Oh! What a weekend!

I have a new earworm. It has more Woooahhhhhs and Oooooaaaaooh-a-ohhhs than is legally acceptable, and is sung by a bloke who should be brought up on charges of excessive handsomeness in a public arena.

Bravo Sweden, you are indeed worthy winners of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest.

I have always been a fan of the kitchycoolest comp in the known universe. And I was tickled pink and purple with rainbow sparkles that Australia was allowed to join in the fun for the 60th birthday celebrations this year.

Like many, I raised my eyebrows (actually just one... in that 'huh? not-sure-about-this' way) about our choice of performer, but I was SO HAPPY TO EAT MY WORDS from a great big bowl dripping with syrupy sweet sauce, because Mr G. Sebastian NAILED IT. I nearly cried. His poptastic three-minute Eurovision ditty complete with Ohhh-ohh-ohh-ooaaaoohhs and references to HOW BLOODY GOOD WE ARE AT EUROVISION ALREADY - with the lyrics "this is one tough act to follow..." He smashed it out of the Wiener Stadhalle so hard it landed in a paddock in the nearby Czech Republic. Go Guy!!!!

Seemingly, Australia WAS a tough act to follow, as I missed Belgium (the act after Guy) as I suddenly found myself debating/brainstorming/workshopping with my panel of Eurovision expert and logistics loving friends where we would host the competition next year. (Because now, after Guy aced his performance there was a chance... A REAL ACTUAL CHANCE that we could WIN EUROVISION!! AAHHH!)
We designed (in our heads, come on, it was 5am, we hadn't quite hooked up the 3D printer yet) a spectacular purpose-built pontoon stage on Sydney Harbour, with seating around the Opera House and Lady Macquarie's Chair a-la New Year's Eve celebrations. Yes, that could work well. Marvellous Sam Pang and Julia Zamiro will be our hosts, with Lee Lin Chin and Russell Crowe on special comments. (OK, maybe not Russell Crowe.) We had chosen our favourite Australian fashion designers for the multiple wardrobe changes required and were wondering if we should book accommodation already... probably right? It's going to be massive.

Come on Eurovision daydreamers... focus now, we're up to Montenegro already...

It was truly a thrill to be able to vote for our favourites for the first time, after so many years of wishing to do so from afar. Hello, Mr Sweden, douze points to you.

And the tears flowed like Miss Spain - prior to her dramatic costume change - when the ever-fabulous Conchita Wurst handed over the prized Eurovision crystal microphone trophy to Mr Sweden, and went in for that extended embrace. Well played Conchita. Well played.

And well sung Måns Zelmerlöw of Sweden, I downloaded your winning tune Heroes minutes after your victory, I expect we shall see more heroes in leather pants as the year progresses.

And to Guy Sebastian. I would dearly love to do Tonight Again, and I'd even be happy with the same result. To have placed fifth in Eurovision, the largest song competition in the world, at our first attempt, when we are not even remotely Europe is completely brilliant. Bravo Guy. Bravo SBS. Bravo Sam and Julia. Bravo to hosts Austria. Bravo to Måns with that cute circle above your a. Bravo Europe.
Well done everyone.

Till then, I'm counting the sleeps to Eurovision 2015 in Sweden, and no doubt that catchy tune will be in my head until then. Woooaaaooooh-ohh-oh. We are the herooooooes.

Air kisses, sequins and glitter to you all...
- Kathy. xx

 Fifth!! FIFTH! Pinch me I'm dreaming!

Fifth!! FIFTH! Pinch me I'm dreaming!