Catching Autumn

MY favourite colour is Red. Closely followed by Orange, and hanging in there in a close third is Yellow. This rather large slice of the colourwheel pie is most certainly the tastiest to me, and it's what I dish up to the world daily. - (Accessories, shoes, most of my kitchenware and a large proportion of the furniture in my home also falls squarely in this third of the colour wheel.) On the opposite side is blue. And as much as I have resisted over many, many years, I now accept that opposites attract (thank you Paula) and that blue is also one of the big loves of my life.
My blue is a big Number 32 Derwent Pencil Spectrum Blue. A big, brighter than royal blue, a HELLO I'M BLUE blue, So it's no surprise that the colours of autumn make me happy. It's ALL about Red, Orange, Yellow and that big blue sky. Seriously. the world is a better place in Autumn.

And here in DAYLESFORD... well!
Autumn is what we do best.

Over on Instagram we have been manic in our sharing of the season of bright-leaf insanity. In that belligerent I'moversharingbuticantstopmyselfSorryNotSorry way. Look here's ANOTHER achingly beautiful tree! Oh here's a fountain flanked by trees! Here's a garden path! Oh here's a crunchy Autumn apple. If we weren't so blindly in love with Autumn we'd be puking at the Public Displays of Autumn Affection we are so openly slobbering all over the internet. (Eww. Grose.)

 Fountains! Leaves! Trees! Apples!

Fountains! Leaves! Trees! Apples!

(not sorry).

 Gardens! Garden paths! Leaves! Apples!

Gardens! Garden paths! Leaves! Apples!

We have coined the #catchingautumn hashtag so you can join us in catching this fleeting season of beauty before it blows off the trees and turns into slushy compost.

Follow us on Instagram and share your OTT Autumn love with the world by using the #catchingautumn hashtag too. 

See you out there kicking the leaves Autumn lovers!

- Kathy x