New, New Year's Resolutions

Ok! So we are well and truly into the year, and like a pair of skinny jeans haunting you when you’re watching your weight, Chinese New Year reminds me of all the promises I made to myself regarding fresh starts, health kicks and sticking to 365 day projects about 10 weeks ago!!!

And just like the goat or sheep, depending on whichever ‘Yang’ you’re into, I’m proving to be quite stubborn in getting started on any of my 2015 goals. So I could completely ‘dig my heels in’ and refuse to change and therefore not have to share my resolutions and so forfeiting any need to complete them. But then that would be chickening out and I’m pretty sure I can save that for 2017 which will be the year of the Rooster. Or I can have another crack at getting this year back on the road and making a public pledge to get some serious stuff done!

And thus the list begins...

1. Nothing original here, but after recently finding out that this almost 40yr old mama does not have great cholesterol thanks to genetic lottery, I need to get my daily exercise regimen on track by starting with the 20 minutes a day challenge. Now exercise is a tough one, as like most people I'm a master of procrastination. And after reading a very funny article by Benjiman Law from The Age Good-Weekend, I realise I'm a professional 'Procrasti-Baker' and 'Procrasti-Cleaner'. I can truthfully say, hand over heart, I've begun my exercise journey with Michelle Bridges as my guide, and she's really tough and really scary. Nothing like fear to inspire you!! (I love you Mish!)

2. Reading More! I love reading and I've put together a pile of titles I've collected over the past year that I want to complete. I've discovered in order to read regularly I have to steal time, a sneaky 30 minutes before bed and a cunning 20 minutes waiting at school pick up while a cheeky 4 year old sleeps behind me. I'm sure I'm not the first mum to think ruthlessly about snatching time for herself. And it's definitely working, as I've currently knocked three books off the list already. The Narrow Road to the Deep North...unbelievable, haunting, scarred for life, loved it!! 

3. Try cooking something more exciting than Spaghetti Bolognese and mashed potato! I love cooking, but I do find it's the utilitarian menu that wins over during the week when feeding the screaming horde. So I'm forcing myself and I'm enjoying so far adding in one new recipe a week and planting it on the menu planner. And I'm finally flipping through that huge pile of Delicious magazines and that growing collection of recipe books we use as coffee table fodder for inspiration and the little peeps are loving it too!

4. And finally more socialising. This seems like an easy one, but it's amazing how quickly time disappears, kids schedules and everyone else's schedules makes this quite a feat to accomplish. Now socialising is a tough one and requires a bit of organisation, so I've cleverly enrolled one daughter into after school sports with one of my buddy's

 kids so we can catch up while the kids play ball! What did I say about being Ruthless, Sneaky and Cunning, all the attributes of a well rounded mum, bwah ha ha ha! Plus it's always amazing how many of us are available for a quick coffee after school drop off, but it never works if you schedule it only when it's completely spontaneous, why is that? 

So how are you guys tracking with those promises we made back in January? Just because it's March doesn't mean you can't give something a go or start something new. Join me in making some of those wishes come true and post them down in the comments and just put it out there. 

That's it I'm gonna get me a big marker and start making some big ticks on my list!

Goodluck, Jesse x