Shoes of Prey, Shoes of my Dreams!

 Shoes of my dreams...

Shoes of my dreams...

After the very excited response to our Shoes of Prey, Shop Saturday post I sighed, "Ok, I'll do it"... No I didn't, I screamed like a school girl at the prospect of designing my own shoes and sharing the experience with you all, hahaha! 

Now once I calmed down after some deep breaths I thought, Holy Manolo! What am I going to design? Will they look amazing? Where do I start? Well lucky for me Shoes of Prey have thought of that, so here's the process.


Firstly pick a style. Shoes of Prey give you a great range of styles to begin with and as you'll see there are lots of opportunities to customise your design. I was looking for something for my 40th birthday shenanigans, so it had to be fun and sparkly, so I picked a heeled sandal to start. Very 'Real Housewives of Melbourne'! Hopefully Chyka would approve!


Next is where all the fun really amps up! I was able to choose the fabrication for every detail on my shoe, from the strap to the heel and even the inner lining. You could literally go totally wild here. From silk to soft leather, patent to pony and even a vegan option. They really have thought of everything, the cost is calculated as you go, so you can really control every aspect of your design. Clever!


Next step is to choose a heel style and height. Now I'm one of those people who has great faith in my ability to walk in skyscraper high heels, but my beautiful Mr Golddust will drag me back to earth by asking how much help I'll need walking in those? So it was a no to the 14.8cm and wound back to a still respectable 10. They still look pretty damn sexy!!!



And Hey Presto that's it! Can you believe it? Way too easy for the serial online shopper like myself. And if you don't want to design your own, though that's half the fun, they also provide a gallery with a whole range of finished shoes to choose from as well.

Now there are also some other amazing add ons here I haven't mentioned yet, such as free shipping to Australia and an incredible 365 day return policy, and for an added fee you can also have a personal inscription added inside the shoe which is a beautiful idea for weddings and anniversaries, unbelievable!

But while I wait the 5 weeks for them to arrive, I can keep designing and keep all my future children, sorry all my future shoes in my own personal gallery to save for next time. Oh Yeah Baby!

You can find Shoes of Prey online at or at David Jones Sydney City and Westfield Bondi Junction. With the company going from strength to strength there are stores in the United States now too.

Can't wait to share the finished item with you soon! tick tock tick tock.....So Excited!!! 


Jesse x