hello autumn

I love my street. I live on a corner, so I like to pretend I live on two streets. And I love them both. One is all rural and totally country - paddocks, cows, sheep, the total ruralicious package... and the other is classic Daylesford, cottages with their cute little painted facades - with bright front doors, brick chimneys wafting that incense-y autumnal open-fire smoke, cute hedges and English gardens, lovingly laid stone walls and perfect picket fences, luscious cabbagey roses, deciduous trees and climbing vines on garden sheds.
Hello... stunning.

Last Spring I was sitting in a local cafe (Red Nonna - it's a bit delicious) and spotted a painting on the wall. A small streetscape. A small streetscape of one of MY streets! Unmistakable. It was painted by my postie. Well, we are a creative bunch in the Central Highlands.

So of course, I bought it.

 Pretty as a...

Pretty as a...

This street is lined with mature Claret Ash and Golden Ash trees. They are the first trees in Daylesford to hint at Autumn... I have to say they're annoyingy keen, I tend to freak out a bit when they're changing in January... NO NO!! It's MONTHS 'til the cold!

Now that we're snug into March I'm so fine with them flaunting their autumn-ness - You go Ash Trees. Work it.
To prove the local postman artist nailed it... I took a photo of what's happening down the road today...



Nailed it.
I know, (just like children) you're not supposed to have your favourites... but I LOVE Autumn the best. It's show-offy with all my fave autumn colours and cosy with open fires and extra blankies on the bed. I also get to roll out my sizable scarf collection again, plus it usually means a new pair of boots. Seriously - what's not to love?
And when (one of my) street(s) looks like this it's sooo easy to love Autumn in this town.

Do you have a fave season? Have you bought your 2015 boots yet? (I'll show you mine soon.) Prepare yourself for loads of autumn leaf pics on Gold Dust Days Instagram and Facebook. Autumn is sort of like new parent baby spam for me... I just have to share ALL OF THE PHOTOS.

Hope the sun is shining through the leaves where ever you are today.

Kathy. x x