We Heart Flowers: Go Native

Just a few weeks ago I was completely enraptured with the smell of fresh pine after the Christmas tree was installed, now its the sweet scent of gum leaves greeting me in the morning and I'm loving it!

This week I spotted this incredible Christmas wreath posted on Instagram by a dear friend, absolute Australian native flower perfection! Our gorgeous natives often get brushed aside for those showy European types and yes I've fallen under their spell at times too. All drama, well fragranced, great accent what's not to love, and the flowers are nice too...oops! 

Madelene Sutton from Flower Heaven Trentham is the genius behind this festive Aussie wreath. She's a local girl and when I say local I mean fifth generation (at least), which is REAL local and she has the most stunning Instagram account collecting images of her flower foraging work. You can check it all out by clicking here. Once you see it you'll understand why you have to be 'on the list' to get one of those incredible wreaths.

Madelene's work was a great reminder to me of what is literally right outside our doors, in our gardens, on our nature strips and in our parks (just not the national park as there might be a nasty fine with that fresh bouquet of Callistemons).

Flowering Eucalypts, you can't beat that colour!

My Joost Bakker moment...Round Gum Leaf

Seriously it was such a revelation to me, yesterday I toured (and raided, thank you Kylie) a lovely friend's garden. Today I jumped in the car with a pair of secateurs, god that sounds really dangerous, and went foraging for Round Gum leaves on the side of the road. Who am I?...Joost Bakker?...Come on!


Callistemon fruits

Now I'm not going to try and recreate the masterpiece by Madelene, but I have stuffed every vase I have and am now making plans to add a few Aussie babes to my new garden. There'll be no better way to decorate my Christmas table. And with Summer getting a pretty dire forecast, I'm thinking those tough locals might have a better chance in the sun than those english roses. Though what is it they say about Englishman and the midday sun?...hmm

Ok so I've snuck in a cheeky South African, technically still an Antipodean??? Pin Cushion flower

Bush Mint or Round leaf mint, it smells devine!

Many thanks to Wombat Hill Nursery for identifying my finds and to my lovely friends Kat, for the wreath photo (lucky girl, she's on the list) and Kylie for letting me take some 'samples' from her garden.

Cheers and have a Merry Bush Christmas

Jess xxx