The MBD, that's code for..

Everyone has heard of it, you've all been told you must have this classic in your wardrobe for the last bajillion years (and bajillion is a real word). But after three kids and a lack of glamourous dinner dates scattered across my calender I find my Little Black Dress is not getting the attention it deserves anymore, wahhh!

But I discovered a new way to embrace the concept of the LBD and that's to dress it down like the French, why wait for a night out? Seriously it could be months!!!

Now I'm not one for getting stuck down in the details but let's be frank, using the term 'Little' Black Dress might be blurring the lines between reality and fantasy, so at my place it's called the 'Medium' Black Dress. And there's also no such thing as a sleeveless shift dress here either, because unless there's some serious 'gun' reform, these arms won't be seeing the light of day until the apocalypse!

So my challenge this week was to find the perfect 'MBD' that I could dress down for everyday wear, with that casual chic the French are so good at. And my absolute musts are sleeves, and a little length as I'm kinda loving the midi look right now. So here's what I found...

I'm currently on holidays, which for me is the best time for a little 'bricks and mortar' shopping, I love it! So I thought why not use this as an opportunity to see what the high street stores are doing, and I found this MBD in Target, for $25, WOW! With a few other purchases I think I can wear this multiple ways which are casual and chic at the same time. Endless combinations? I'm sold!

Here I added a waterfall style cardigan (on sale at Sussan) with a belt over the top and then with a denim jacket (also Sussan), which will also look fantastic with all the pastels for Spring/Summer. And who can go past good old faithful Converse all stars on my feet, these from Hype DC.

Now the beauty of the 'MBD' is that it's really just what shape makes you feel good, as everybody's idea of the 'MBD' is different. And why stop at one? Its like saying no to a second mini chocolate eclair, say what!

Once again I've added a few options over on our pinterest page that I felt were great examples of a multi use MBD.  But I'm sure you might already have one in the wardrobe just waiting to be rediscovered. Go on, have a look!

Let me know if you found one...