One Rule to rule them all!

So what is it about French women that is so effortlessly cool, and makes the rest of us feel like, well over manicured poodles or a loveable scrappy terrier?...Im sorry but who didn't love Benji?(pardon the 80’s movie reference). Its probably because the amount of thought they put into their wardrobe IS effortless. Its all about golden rules and this one’s a cracker!

My new french idol, Ines de la Fressange, has catalogued a list of golden rules to live by in her book Parisian Chic, and they're all so simple that even I should be able to give these a shot. Now I’m not promising that by the time I leave the house that I won't have sat in play doh or have little handprints of dried mashed potato stuck to the back of my shoulder but damn it I’ll be super chic before I leave the safety of my bathroom!

The one I want to share is so straight forward you’ll be wondering why you hadn't thought of this before. Its all about proportions, either choose a fitted top with a full bottom, or vice versa, a loose top with fitted bottom. 

Heres an example of loose top and fitted bottom. This is one of my Fave looks. The top is from Country Road and i think this style is so flattering on so many shapes. The jeans are from Witchery and a new style for me with the biker zip details. I’ve worn them all winter.



Here I thought I’d try something for summer by embracing the midi skirt and tee. It took all my restraint to not throw on some espadrilles and shout 'Voila!'. This gorgeous skirt is by Lazybones, available at Lark, and the tee is a Bonds Relax scoop which I literally picked up with the groceries for $15!


Now before I became privy to this piece of advice I was guilty of the fitted top and fitted bottom combo, and I can tell you, unless a toulouse sausage becomes a fashionable silhouette it was not a good look! And likewise with the full top and bottom where I added 5kg to my frame and lost my waist…Well I actually lost my waist to my first child, but who’s checking!


So when a fashion crisis looms, just do as Ines does and crack out this little gem of advice. I swear it works every time, and if not crack out the vin rouge!


If you'd like to see some more options, head over to our Pinterest page, I love to share! And if you'd like to learn more about Ines de la Fressange you can find her book by clicking here.


Do you have a secret weapon when a fashion crisis occurs? Or is there a new look you'd like try out for Summer like the midi skirt?  I would love to hear your tips if you'd like to share !


-Jesse x