Destination Xmas

 Here we go....

Here we go....

So you're escaping for Christmas, and by escaping I don't mean skipping Christmas but travelling to a destination that is not unlike Switzerland, neutral territory! We're still sharing time with family and still waiting anxiously for Santa to arrive and still eating too much and unwrapping too much, though a lot less than last year (conscious decision, though not a conscious uncoupling of our consumerism, that's going to be a long, hard journey). But definitely not sticking to the usual strict timetable of unwrapping, eating, pack the car, visit family, stuff more food in, lie around digesting, more food, pack up, drive home...merry xmas, what just happened?...

This year the plan is to go with the flow, I'm not kidding myself I'm sure there'll still be some meal time anxiety when the roast potatoes aren't ready and one of the kids pops their Xmas Bon Bon early, but hopefully some time at the beach in between will sort this out, and I'll get some perspective on how ridiculous that sounds!

Now what to pack, we have a little joke at our place where Mr Gold Dust asks if I've packed the watercolours and the poetry books(Keats, always Keats), because we always, always, always pack too much! And when there's five of you, getting all that luggage into the hire vehicle at the other end becomes a complicated and challenging game of Tetris. Though I'm very good at it and take much pride in the moment when my lovely man turns to me and says, 'You do it Babe'.

So I'm pledging my personal holiday wardrobe below on this post, and holding myself to only taking these items. Also I promise not to scratch out my husband's eyes when, as I pack for three kids and myself, he announces with pride while zipping up the suitcase, 'I'm done'! And I'm banning the extra bag that always gets thrown in for miscellaneous items, why do we always think we need miscellaneous items??

 The Edit....I'm scared!

The Edit....I'm scared!

So, what to choose? Who gets to go? Well as I've sadly learnt, the planned date night doesn't occur so out with the 'good' outfit. Do I need eight T-shirt options when each day will involve one walk to cafe for morning coffee and one walk to beach? No, so four it is! As I live in the central highlands of Victoria and not a resort, do I need to buy multiple beach Kaftans? No, so in with my beach dress which will double as a lunch dress option too. 

Swimwear is essential so I don't need to edit, Yay! And shorts and skirts were given the same rule as Tshirts. Shoes, oh shoes, I love you but I know I'll only wear one pair, and I won't need those high espadrille wedges that look so chic but are kinda ridiculous when chasing a four year old across the sand. So out they go and in with my favourite tan sandals that go with everything! (you clever things)

OK, so now that it's out there I'm starting to feel a little nervous! But you always need room in your bag for a little holiday shopping right? No no I'll be good, I promise Santa! It'll be tough going for this little clothes horse, but the choices will be easier and there'll be less to wash, as that's a job that follows us everywhere. Something tells me the beach will help me forget about that too!

Have a wonderful break wherever you are, even if it's just a day or two, soak it up. And here's cheers to less baggage, in more ways than one!

Jesse x