Don't Be Afraid To Mash

Now there's always a flood of new trends each season and sometimes I'm tempted, sometimes I dip my toe in the new style pond and the rest of the time I'm laughing my butt off thinking, 'who in their right mind is going to wear that?'. Let's just say that since the platform sneaker fad has taken off I've had to swallow my words!

But one trend I'm loving at the moment and have been brave enough to dabble in is the Print/Pattern Mash Up. It's not ground breakingly new, every fashion publication has been pushing it since last Summer, but for the cautious like me, it's practically avant-garde! Time to put away the block colours and become a human kaleidoscope, it's fun and here I've put together some simple examples to get you started.


Gorman Seaspray silk top, $189. Witchery tshirt, $39.95. Country Road stripe ponte skirt, $79.95. Target splatter jogger pant, $20.

I've found there are a few things to keep in mind when putting this trend together, just so you avoid looking like you pulled the clothes out of your wardrobe with a blindfold on. And in the morning rush that's the risk we take everyday, dangerous I know! 

Firstly I find sticking to just one of the prints being busy and the other a bold stripe or spot is the most striking. Secondly keep one of the patterns super colourful and the other monochromatic or just two colours. Thirdly and probably the most important, is to put together prints that share complimentary colours or as I've done here, pick one colour from the busy print to match a colour in your simple print. Experiment and Goodluck!

Country Road stripe tshirt, $69.95. Trenery stripe tshirt, $49.95. Marcs Garden Floral skinny jean, $149. Topshop skirt instore, $91.13. 

Now one area you don't have to be so careful with mashing patterns is the bedroom! In fact I find this is the area I like to inject loads of colour and print (no soft relaxing pastels here!). Plus most bedlinen companies are happy to oblige, jumping on the pattern mash bandwagon and doing it for you. Thank you bed linen making people xxxooo!

Gorman Botanical King Quilt cover, $199(on sale). Adairs Nolita Aqua Queen cover, $179.95. Adairs Designer Series Cactus Queen cover, $199.95. Gorman Seaspray Queen cover, $199.

Now I'm hoping you're warming to the idea of all this print/colour clashing business, because I think you might be ready to spread it to other areas of your life like....

Country Road Tea Towel Set, $29.95. Katy Jane Stationery Set from Little Paper Lane, $14.95. Love Mae pretty Polka Dot Wall Decals from Lark, $49.95. EnemiesYay Limited Edition A2 print, $180.

That's right! Why stop at your wardrobe and bed when you can 'Do the Mash' with your tea towels, stationery and walls. And there's more I just couldn't fit in but will be happily sharing over on pinterest because the list really does go on!

So if you're brave give it a go! It's a fun trend that really forces you to have a play with colour. Which if you're like me and have spent an eternity wearing black to work makes for what seems a radical change and anyway lifes' too short for Black! 

By the way, am I the only one who thinks Bjork's 'It oh so quiet' should be the soundtrack for this post?...Sshhh!

Have fun!

Jesse x