Forget Watermelons and Pineapples, it's all about the LOBSTER!

Team Watermelon or Team Pineapple, I'm telling you the signs are out there, it's time to jump ship and crash the Lobster party! Now that we're inching closer to the silly season and the likelihood of seafood being on the menu is fairly high, what better way to amp up the fun than to start wearing the 'maine' ingredient! 


Gorman X back bikini $99, high bikini bottom $89, lobster beach towel $89 all from Gorman, Wildfox Lobster swimsuit $240.39 from ASOSJen Booth Big French Red Languostine Wall hanging $59, Lovestar Cray Cray Bag $159, Virzi+DeLuca Lobster Crab earrings $153.77 from Porter-Fashion

I've been pretty up front with my love of a novelty print and I totally have a soft spot for all things tropicana and what better time of the year to get my crazy on! Now I have to be honest I've had my heart set on Lovestar's 'Cray Cray' bag for sometime, but can you imagine my excitement when I started spotting the spread of the lobster 'cray'ze. Holy Loopy Langoustine!!!

Gorman has released an amazing collection for Summer, all of which is inspired by the beautiful tangerine lobster. Towels, swimwear, bedlinen, bags and wait for it, jewellery...Cray!!! I'm mean Yay!!!!

Whereas Jen Booth has be a long time lover of the crayfish with gorgeous perspex wallhangings, key rings and embellished bags, all of which are completely lust worthy and all available online, perfect for christmas!


Giant Lobster necklace $247.07 from Tatty Devine, Kit Duo cheek and Lip in Pretty Cheeky $34.95, Lipstick Queen in Jungle Queen $27, YSL Gloss Volupte in Corail Trapeze $49 all available from MeccaCosmetica. Kester Black nail polish in Paradise Punch $20 from Lark

Now there's no reason why you can't stretch the lobster theme to your makeup bag either. Orange, Tangerine and Coral colours are appearing at almost every cosmetic counter you can find, all of these were from my favourite online retailers. Just a click away from lobster loveliness, can it get any better?

Yes, yes it can. A friend recently said to me while talking about novelty tea towels, 'you're not one of those people who frame tea towels?', um yes, yes I am! One person's crazy is another person's interior decorating statement! So it wouldn't seem right if I didn't include some tea towel love for all the other collectors out there, I see you!


Gorman lobster tea towel, part of twin pack $39, BobbyandFaith Orange Lobster tea towel $15 from Etsy, Lilleputt Studio Orange and Blue lobster tea towel $28.42 from Etsy, Gorman lobster spot tea towel, part of twin pack $39.

So this Summer before you flood your house with watermelons or go all Carmen Miranda with pineapples (actually I'm totally on the fruit train too), just remember the 'catch of the day' is the next BIG thing. Or maybe it's icecreams, or cactuses or metallics or pink flamingoes or palm fronds or.....maybe just have some fun wearing or decorating with whatever inanimate objects takes your fancy. Because if you can't be silly during the silly season, when can you?

Got a fun theme you're keen to follow this Summer or do you just have an addiction to one of the latest trends? Don't be afraid to share in the comments, we've all been there!

Jesse x