These are a few of my Favourite Things...

Since confessing my status as a collector several weeks ago, it has dawned on me just how much of my life I have dedicated to collecting.

Now, this is a bit of a weird one... umm... I collect green ceramic jugs. (Oh yes I do.) I have for years. I have new ones and old ones, designer ones and slightly crap ones, teeny ones and large ones. I have found them in tiny country town granny op shops, on eBay, at garage sales, and have been given them by beautiful, understanding friends (enablers).

  I like green jugs and I cannot lie…

I like green jugs and I cannot lie…

But the most useful of all my collections is my mish-mash of red and white tableware. Dinner plates, bowls, cups, mugs, glasses... and other red things.

 Reeeally comes into its own at Christmas.

Reeeally comes into its own at Christmas.

If it is red it needs to be in my kitchen. I buy each piece separately, no two pieces are the same. (There are RULES people.) Our family uses the red collection for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

 Such faves.  Dinosaur Designs ,  Marimekko ,  Le Creuset  and coffee.

Such faves. Dinosaur Designs, Marimekko, Le Creuset and coffee.

I have dreams of a fabulous blue and white collection for my imaginary beach shack... (must. not. start. buying. pieces. for. imaginary. beach. shack.) INSTEAD I have created a virtual collection of all of the fabulous things I will have in my imaginary beach shack over here on Pinterest.

 More faves,  Orla Kiely ,  Marimekko ,  Royal Doulton ,  Country Road  and a couple of random Op-Shop finds.

More faves, Orla Kiely, Marimekko, Royal Doulton, Country Road and a couple of random Op-Shop finds.

Then there are the daily mini collections that excite me...
Recently we were camping at beautiful Jervis Bay in NSW. In one day I found four pieces of smooth sand-worn sea glass on the beach.

 Four pieces of sea glass = imaginary beach cocktail party at sunset.

Four pieces of sea glass = imaginary beach cocktail party at sunset.

In my head I now have large glass vessels full of collected sea glass, backlit on a windowsill in my imaginary beach house. It looks soooo good. Everyone who comes to stay at the shack tells me how AH-MAAAZ-ING it looks. Then we clink our umbrella’d beachy cocktails together and laugh and wrap our sarongs around our waists and run to the beach. - (sorry, I think I might be confusing my imaginary life with an ad for sugary soft drinks, or tampons, or fried chicken... - why do they all run to the beach in these ads?? WHY?!)

Collecting is 20% about having the collection and 80% about finding the next piece. It’s the thrill of the chase. Rummaging. Hunting. Searching. Browsing. It’s an excuse to go op-shopping, a chance to hit the second-hand markets (hellooo Daylesford Mill Markets…) it’s half an hour inspiration/procrastination on eBay and it’s oh sooo satisfying when your hunt is justified with a purchase. YAYNESS!! NEW GREEN JUG!!

Are you a collector? come on... 'fess up. What amazing piece have you picked up lately?
How great is the buzz when you find a piece? This summer I will definitely be heading to the annual Fryerstown Antique Fair... It is a mecca for unique finds and collectable treasures. It's on over the Australia day long weekend (Saturday, January 24, - Monday, January 26). I'll be sure to share my haul with you afterwards. Can't wait!

- Kathy. x