Bang Bang Baby!

Well I've decided to take the dive and just jump in and embrace a new look. My low maintenance pony is so easy but lacks a little 'je ne sais quoi'. I love how I made that sound like my ponytail is a style choice, it's not, it's pure laziness. And more times than not it's the same one I put in the night before, yikes! Apparently cool French girls don't brush their hair or wash it regularly, so as a 'work at home' mum this should be a walk in the park!  But here in Oz there's a reason we have express school drop off zones, a quick getaway for shame of being caught looking less than fresh!

So I've been noticing the return of the 'curtain' fringe or bangs(bangs does sound good doesn't it?), and the fact that it was embraced by one of my favourite French sirens, Brigitte Bardot, and this made it any easy addition to my frenchie transformation. 

But not to dwell on one side of the channel, I've long be a fan of the devine Alexa Chung's fringe as well. A modern take on a romantic, and (fingers crossed) fuss free look I can achieve everyday, or least on the days I leave the house...risky I know!

So here goes...

 Frenchie Bangs Mission...Complete!

Frenchie Bangs Mission...Complete!

Ta Da!!! I think it's going to work, or least for as long as I want to play the coquette...ok so I might be pushing it, come on, let me ham it up! But it does feel fun, and what can be wrong with that? And a big thank you to the always gorgeous Lyndal, from The Cutting Studio in Daylesford, who assured me she knew exactly what I wanted. And she did!

Is there a new hair style you're keen to try out? If this one is tempting, I've put together a board devoted to Bangs over on Pinterest.

-Jesse x