The Boozy Chook


Last week we thought we'd see how popular a little food content would be, and you pretty much let us know that you loved it! So by popular demand we are back with more food, glorious food! And with a little inspiration from our lovely reader Kristy, I'm going to try out a recipe from the fabulous, super cute and fellow francophile, Rachel Khoo!

She's just released a new cookbook (what's that? Just in time for Christmas?), called the ever so slightly confusing, My Little French Kitchen, not to be mixed up with her other book, My Little Paris Kitchen. But hey, they'll all look lovely on the shelf together in their multiples.

Now what I loved about this recipe it that it combined two solutions for two very important problems. Firstly what do we do with all the half drunk bottles of red wine, floating around the kitchen? (This doesn't happen a lot at ours, but hey just for the story's sake!) And secondly, I hate washing up a million pots and pans after cooking an apparently 'simple' dish! ('Dish', would also imply singular, lies, lies, lies I tell you!) 

So Rachel Khoo, in her retro, Gallic lovin', cute as a button way, has saved the day with her amazingly sweet and tasty Roasted Red Wine Chicken. Ps. I Love you Rachel xxx And yes, it used up the last of the wine I had (at least one bottle), and yes, I only used one roasting pan (definitely singular). 

 Get it in my belly!!!

Get it in my belly!!!

I can attest that the chicken was exceptionally juicy, tender and incredibly tasty! So gorgeously sweet from the red wine vinegar and tomato, that my children will love this, and the amazing pan juices were just begging for crusty bread. My husband and I were slightly panicked at the lack of crusty bread at 8.34pm last night, we almost justified a run to the shop!!! 

So give this a go, it really was very 'simple', no fibs! And there really was only one pan to clean, but there's definitely no more left over Red Wine. Though I was one contented Boozy Chook!


-Jesse x