Boy oh Boy!

So what is the allure of dressing like a boy? Is it that lack of deodorant, slightly scruffy, dirt smeared no, but I definitely painted a picture! No I think it's that casual ease of dressing, like a simple T-shirt and good jeans, or a slouchy knit with a soft pant and loafers. It's masculine but not hard, easily softened with our own feminine twist.

I've long been a devotee of this way of dressing, and yes the French do this well, but so do the Brits with their street wear, Americans with their sportswear and here in Australia it's practically a way of life!

For me it's about survival, my girls have long begged mummy to wear a dress or skirt, but this Mama is on the go and I can tell you there is something comforting in knowing I will never be caught out in a 'Marilyn Monroe' moment while wrangling the pram into the back of the car! Hideous! Agent provocateur I am not, more Bridget Jones style where I convince myself that the inclusion of lace elastic makes my underwear Fancy!

 Oh Mickey!

Oh Mickey!

So here's a few ways to embrace the Tomboy look without being completely androgynous and keeping a little humour in there too. And whether you're strolling through a parisian weekend market or doing a milk run to the grocery store, it always works!

Who doesn't love Mickey Mouse? This was just a bit of fun, but there's no reason you can't embrace your favourite Disney character and let's be fair, it's not like it's Elsa! I'll leave that for my 6 year old! Classic Disney over Modern Disney any day. But let's talk pants, these Country Road crop suit pants are the best, so comfy and pockets! Do I need to explain how good pockets are?

They also look amazing with heels, so let's agree they work double time, classic and economical. Bargain!!!

My slip ons are from Kate Spade, and I fell in love with these some time ago and couldn't resist their kitsch animal magnetism. Animal print is a love affair for life. You've been warned!

 Stripes again! I need Help...

Stripes again! I need Help...



This is an easy everyday look, and yes could be called the mummy drop off uniform but it's saved me from falling into the dreaded cycle of track pants and sloppy joes! Not that there's anything wrong with that at home! I too think trackies have their time and place but I'm far from kidding anyone of my 'I'm in pre-triathlon training season' story. So if you see me in my Lorna Janes, blow the whistle and tell me to get moving!!!

This tee is from Target and you can't see here, but has a cute cut out back. It's not available online at the moment but it is instore. My jeans are from JeansWest and without being super skinny are super comfy.

Once again my trusty Converse finish everything off.

I may not be your classic Tomboy, I love pink and I don't camp, but I do love their style. And what's life if you can't mix it up!


Enjoy a casual weekend Gold Dusters! And stay Classy!

Once again, I've put together a selection of Tomboy style options over on pinterest and also a  link to a great french tomboy lookbook from shopbop if you're looking for inspiration.  Enjoy!

Do you like dressing Tomboy style?

-Jesse x