Gold Dust Days is created/curated/collated by friends Jesse and Kathy. They met several years ago over coffee, and mothers' group playdates. It was there they discovered they had more than just sleep deprivation and a love for interiors and fashion magazines in common. Jesse and Kathy and their families live 'Gold Dust Days' in the beautiful town of Daylesford, in the famous goldfields of Central Victoria, Australia. Share with them their gorgeous 'hood, daily family juggles, a little bit of magic, and a whole lot of glitter as they find the sparkle and make the most of their lives in the country.



Kathy is an ex media copywriter, ex rider of Melbourne's number 19 tram, ex Sydney Ferry rider and now lives in magical Daylesford with her super hubby and two awesome girls. She dabbles in wordsmithing, attempts a bit of photography (I'll get a grown up camera one day) enjoys baking (and eating) sweet things, loves a fossick for vintage bits, and often puts hats on the household guinea pigs.
Kathy can usually be found looking in the trees for birdies, and occasionally can be found scratching in the dirt for a BIG bit of gold dust... that elusive mortgage-eliminating gold nugget... (one day)!






Jesse is an ex fashion and beauty retail manager, now a full-time 'mumager' to three beautiful girls...sorry still laughing over the 'mumager' reference, the kids so manage her! Her little family thought it would be a novel idea to move from sunny Queensland and 'down stumps' in Daylesford, Victoria. The nights might be fresh but the coffee has never been better! Jesse is attempting to find a little spark for her brain after eight years 'out of the game'. Still loves fashion and lipstick, and can almost manage to leave the house looking respectable on the odd day here and there. Loves bad Top 40 Pop and Saturday mornings spent in bed with coffee, three baby chicks and one supercool Papa. The moment doesn't last long but it's always loved.